Why Infield Top Aligned Form Labels are Quickest to Scan


How easy is it for users to scan your form? If your form is hard to scan, it could take longer than expected for users to complete it. This leads to form abandonment and loss of potential sign ups. The way to avoid this is to make your fields quick to scan when users first see them and after they fill them out.

When users first see a form, they scan it to size up the amount of time and effort it’ll take to fill it out. If they can’t scan it quickly, they’ll feel like it’s going to take too much time and effort and move on.

After filling out a form, users will scan it again to check if their input is correct. If your fields aren’t easy to check, users could fear submitting the wrong information and abandon the form.

To prevent form abandonment, you have to make your fields quick to scan pre-fill and post-fill. The quicker they are to scan, the less overwhelming your form will feel. The less overwhelming your form feels, the more it motivates users to complete it.

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